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round vinyl stickers

round vinyl stickers


custom products description

Customised round vinyl stickers are high quality, long-lasting (PVC) plastic stickers. If what you need is for your impression to last a long time even in the worst conditions, what you are looking for are vinyl adhesives.
Vinyl stickers can be laminated (recommended), so in addition to their super duration, you can wash them without fear of the ink fading or being scratched.
Place your vinyl stickers in your car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, surf board or even in your boat! Customize your tablet, mobile phone or any other gadget. They simply work!
Use them to add a professional brand to your home-made crafts or small-scale food, beer or wine production.

We have many predefined sizes with basic shapes. You can also choose your size and even create stickers with custom shapes.

Check this out if you are looking for low-price stickers.

Very special stickers

Now you can create your own custom stickers with transparent vinyl. Just keep in mind: if you are going to post then on a dark background, you will have to use a white layer as a base to improve visibility. In this case, choose a transparent background with white layer and your stickers will be printed with a white area under and around the design.

You can also choose the view style you prefer for the stickers. Most stickers are with the "standard" view, with the glue on the back side. If you chose “inside (mirror)” the glue will be on the same side as the design. Those are to stick on a glass and should be designed with a white base layer in order to be visible.

Buy stickers online

Buy custom products

It is very easy to create your custom stickers in Qustommize. Choose between product options on the menu on the right, write down the number of units and the price will update instantly (the more you order, the lower the price per unit). Press “Add to cart and customise” to start creating your stickers. Then you will be able to create as many designs as you wish (from your pictures, logos and designs) or upload already finished designs.

If you chose custom size, you will not be able to use our online creation tool. Just upload your designs ready to go, with the size of your choice and in an adequate quality. If you need any help, please let us know!

Create custom stickers

You have two options:

Online creation tool Design online with our online personalisation tool. It´s just so easy!
Custom products templates

Use our 45 mm template: PSD EPS PDF. For professionals!


You can choose between three different finishes for this product, the choice is just a matter of taste!

glossy finishNot laminated: Just the vinyl, with no additional cover layer. Finish is slightly bright.

glossy finishGlossy laminated: the product is laminated with a glossy film that provides reflections and a very colourful appearance.

matte finishMatt laminated: the product is laminated with a matt film that removes the glare, leaving a more muted appearance.


Custom products deadlines

It is important that you take notice of our production and delivery times for stickers. They start counting from the date when we receive the final art and the payment.

We will always try to tailor our delivery and production schedule to your needs, but sometimes that´s just not possible.

Your stickers, in the best hands

custom products fabrication

Your designs are printed on last generation eco-solvent plotters with CMYK inks, they are plasticized so that they remain protected and are carefully die cut in order to be well centred.

Personalised adhesives are printed on high quality polymeric vinyl and are prepared to last more than five years while withstanding the harshest weather conditions. All orders are manually inspected after production to ensure a high standard. Our secret is... there are no secrets!