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Personalised stickers

Personalised vinyl stickers

Personalised vinyl stickers are high quality stickers for when you need your print to last long without damage. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions, and are therefore perfect for prolonged outdoor use.
Choose the shape of vinyl stickers (even pick a custom shape), and start creating your own customised stickers.

Designs Gallery

Personalised stickers: Matches with everything

Among personalised products for promotion, advertising, or personal use, personalised stickers are a must. 

Vinyl stickers withstand extreme weather conditions.

Paper stickers are weaker, but their price is also much lower.

Static cling stickers don’t need any glue to stay on place. Qustommize is your site to print online stickers!!

Ideas for personalised stickers

etiquetas personalizadas

To mark your children's books in a unique way.

personalised stickers

For pictures of the groom-to-be or bride-to-be together with hilarious in-jokes to be stuck on everybody at a bachelor or bachelorette party.

personalised stickers

To sell at your band’s concerts.

personalised stickers

To sell your trending designs at the coolest street markets.

personalised stickers

To mark your belongings with information about your allergies, so people can keep them in mind.

personalised stickers

To light up your mobile phone or tablet with custom designs.

personalised stickers

To stick on wedding souvenirs or any kind of presents.

To mark your artistic creations (pictures, wooden DIY, sculptures etc.)