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Round dome labels

Round dome labels


custom products description

Round dome labels (also called Domes, due to the shape resulting from their resining process) are labels that serve both for business use (advertising, promotion, labelling) as well as for small runs for personal use, given the competitive price that we offer.
Use domed resin labels to place on your products and customise them with your brand, design or logo. Give them to your friends so they can place them on their electronics, mobile devices and gadgets in general. Mark your handmade creations with our dome labels, you'll see that for just a little more money, they will look truly professional.
The custom domed stickers (Domes) give off a great impression. They are flexible, and can be placed as either flat or curved surfaces. In addition, they resist the effects of time and do not turn yellow or degrade with its passage.
They are widely used in the automotive industry, on electrical appliances, computers, and toys. Are you ready to try them?

Buy dome labels online

Buy custom products

It is very easy to create your custom dome labels in Qustommize. Choose between product options on the menu on the right, write down the number of units and the price will update instantly (the more you order, the lower the price per unit). Press “Add to cart and customise” to start creating your dome labels. Then you will be able to create as many designs as you wish (from your pictures, logos and designs) or upload already finished designs.

If you chose custom size, you will not be able to use our online creation tool. Just upload your designs ready to go, with the size of your choice and in an adequate quality. If you need any help, please let us know!

Create custom dome labels

You have two options:

Online creation tool Design online with our online personalisation tool. It´s just so easy!
Custom products templates

Use our 45 mm template: PSD EPS PDF. For professionals!


Custom products deadlines

It is important that you take notice of our production and delivery times for dome labels. They start counting from the date when we receive the final art and the payment.

We will always try to tailor our delivery and production schedule to your needs, but sometimes that´s just not possible.

Your dome labels, in the best hands

custom products fabrication

We manufacture your resin labels with custom polyurethane resin of the highest quality mixed with isocyanate (not to be confused with epoxy resin), applied with industrial methods on a printed and die-cut pvc support. Our resin labels are guaranteed for outdoor use. They are resistant to UV rays, chemicals and washing. They have an attractive glossy finish and do not get scratched due to their hardness and their protective covering. They are flexible work well when placed on hard surfaces and they do not become yellow with time.

What we mean is that you are going to have these stickers for a while!