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Custom shape paper stickers

Custom shape paper stickers


custom products description

As the name suggests, these are customised Custom shape paper stickers. This means that they aren´t resistant to the rain or sun in the long run, (if you are looking for duration, check out our vinyl stickers), but they are much more affordable!

If you are looking for low-cost customised stickers, and don’t mind if they spoil over time, what you need are paper stickers!
Printing stickers is a very good idea to mark your books, folders and belongings.

They are also ideal for commercial actions when you need your message to be seen in many places simultaneously, like the promotion of your music band, campaigns for small associations or groups, publicity for your business, etc. Since you´ll need a lot of visibility, you’ll need as many low-cost customised stickers as possible. You can also use your customised stickers to put on clothes at parties, events and celebrations.

We recommend paper stickers for jars of preserves, homemade jams, and small productions of wine….

Buy paper stickers online

Buy custom productsIt is very easy to create your custom paper stickers on the Qustommize platform. Choose between product types on the menu on the right, write down the number of units and the price will update instantly (the more you order, the lower the price per unit). Press “Add to cart and customise” to start creating your paper stickers. You can create as many designs as you want using the online personalisation tool (from your pictures, logos and designs) or upload already finished designs.

Create custom paper stickers

personalisable products with custom shapeSince this is a custom size and shape item, it is not possible to use our online creation tool. You will have to upload your design finished, with the adequate size and on 300ppi. Send us a vector file if possible with cutting line on a separate layer. If you have any doubt about the process, please let us know!


You can choose this item with two finishing options:

glossy finishGlossy: printed on plastered glossy paper.

matte finishMatte: printed on not plastered matt paper.


Custom products deadlines

It is important that you take notice of our production and delivery times for paper stickers. They start counting from the date when we receive the final art and the payment.

We will always try to tailor our delivery and production schedule to your needs, but sometimes that´s just not possible.

Your paper stickers, in the best hands

custom products fabrication

Our paper stickers are printed on self-adhesive paper from the finest European manufacturers, with super-modern digital presses and CMYK inks (not PANTONES). They are cut by industrial guillotines or die cut, depending on the format ordered. Sticker backings come pre-cut making peeling and sticking a breeze!

In order to make centring as tight and professional-looking as possible, we recommend you not insert too much text and avoid putting edges or frames on the design. Our secret is... there are no secrets!