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Personalised stamps

Qustommize´s personalised stamps are good, pretty and cheap!

We use the latest technology so that the only limit is your imagination as you create your own personalised stamps.
Make your stamp online using graphics, personal signatures, fonts, logotypes, photos and even grey scales. Unlike with common rubber stamps, with our personalised microporous stamps resolution is up to 600 dpi.
All our stamps are automatic. The foam is continuously inked and the process of making a stamp is easy, quick and clean. You can control the amount of ink and stamp documents without any effort. 
We have personalised stamps ready to stamp almost any surface that you can imagine… even golf balls!
Create company stamp, wedding stamps, a personal signature, mark your books, or even your works of art.

Designs Gallery

Ideas to order personalised stamps

personalized rubber stamps

Stamp official documents with permanent ink.

personalized rubber stamps

Mark your belongings with our stamp for clothes or for office supplies.

personalized rubber stamps

Mark your golf balls so there is not any problem to identify yours on the course.

personalized rubber stamps

Create a custom stamp with your signature.

personalized rubber stamps

Make a personalised stamp for your wedding, and use it on invitations and cards.