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Personalised magnets

Personalised metallic magnets

The same finish of a classic button, but with a magnet on the back instead of the safety pin, so you can put it on your fridge or any metallic surface. Depending on the model, it comes with a rigid or a flexible magnet.

Designs Gallery

Flashing magnets

Personalised magnets are ideal to achieve high product visibility while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Fridge magnets are highly recommended for those businesses that are mostly contacted by phone (food delivery, hair dressers, electricians, plumbers, taxi services and more). It’s like always having a business card in your clients’ line of sight.

For home use, personalised photo magnets are a great memory for any event or celebration, and they are also highly recommended to sell little pieces of your art... if you do it right, everybody will want your custom magnets!

Ideas for personalised magnets

personalised magnets

As a souvenir for baptism, wedding, anniversary or any other kind of celebration.

personalised magnets

To sell at your band’s concerts.

personalised magnets

To sell your trending designs at the coolest street markets.

personalised magnets

To inform about personal diet decision that should be respected (vegetarian, vegan etc.) or about an allergy (gluten, milk etc.)

personalised magnets

To make your motorbike or car truly stand out (only for domed magnets).

personalised magnets

To cover you and your family’s fridge with souvenirs from once-in-a-lifetime holidays.