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modico textile labelling stamps

modico textile labelling stamps


custom products description

Personalised stamps “A12” and “A25” (12 and 25 mm diameter) are professional tools for the most demanding jobs. These stamps come equipped with aluminium components ensuring a more defined result every time. It is hermetically sealed to avoid drying of the ink and it includes a lanyard hole for convenient carry.
The special quick drying stamping-ink was developed especially for marking textiles and leaves a colorfast imprint on many woven surfaces. Depending on the material, the stamped-on fabrics can be machine-washed about 50 times at 60°, without a fading of the markings. The ink can be used to stamp cotton, cellulose, hemp fibres, jute, synthetic fibres, silk, wool, canvas, linen, woven surfaces.
Use it on work wear, blankets, gloves, towels, children´s clothes, bags, uniforms, or anything else that needs a defined personal touch.

Buy stamps online

Buy custom productsIt is very easy to create your personalised stamps on the Qustommize platform. Choose between product types on the menu on the right, write down the number of units and the price will update instantly (the more you order, the lower the price per unit). Press “Add to cart and customise” to start creating your stamps. You can create as many designs as you want using the online personalisation tool (from your pictures, logos and designs) or upload already finished designs.

Create personalised stamps

You have two options:

Online creation tool Design online with our online personalisation tool. It´s just so easy!
Custom products templates

Use our 45 mm template: PSD EPS PDF. For professionals!


Custom products deadlines

It is important that you take notice of our production and delivery times for stamps. They start counting from the date when we receive the final art and the payment.

We will always try to tailor our delivery and production schedule to your needs, but sometimes that´s just not possible.

Your stamps, in the best hands

custom products fabrication

We produce your personalised stamps with flash technology. The stamp is created by exposure of a microporous text plate to an incredibly powerful light flash.

Resolution of photos, graphics and greyscales used on our personalised stamps is up to 600 dpi. Fonts in signatures and text down to a size of 4,5 point are reproduced precisely.

modico textile labelling stamps combine their good performance with ergonomic design, beautiful aesthetics and a covering soft to the touch.

We revise each and every order after production. Our secret is that… there are no secrets!