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oval bottle openers with magnet

oval bottle openers with magnet


custom products description

Customised oval bottle openers with magnet are one of our favourite products. They are not only useful and finished to a high quality, they also provide a pointed decorative touch in your home or bar.
You can use them for marketing campaigns (promotional bottle openers, perfect for the hospitality industry, merchandising, advertising...) and also for personal use (wedding favours, parties, bottle openers with photos...), and thus benefit from the power of a useful product. Better yet, this customised bottle opener also works as a fridge magnet putting it at the centre of the family home.

Make personalised bottle openers with your own designs and illustrations, photos, or logo.... We manufacture low cost, high quality, products quickly and we are always willing to answer any question or solve any problem you might have.

Buy Oval bottle openers with magnet online

Buy custom productsIt is very easy to create your custom bottle openers on the Qustommize platform. Choose between product types on the menu on the right, write down the number of units and the price will update instantly (the more you order, the lower the price per unit). Press “Add to cart and customise” to start creating your Oval bottle openers with magnet. You can create as many designs as you want using the online personalisation tool (from your pictures, logos and designs) or upload already finished designs.

Create custom bottle openers

You have two options:

Online creation tool Design online with our online personalisation tool. It´s just so easy!
Custom products templates

Use our 45 mm template: PSD EPS PDF. For professionals!


We have six finishing options for your custom bottle openers (Note: Some finishes may not be available for certain product types):

Standard finish

Standard: Full-colour print on standard white paper. This is the best choice for most designs, and the one you should choose if you are unsure about the other options. Standard is the logical option for pictures and full-colour illustrations.

Standard finish

Matt: The same as standard (i.e. colour printing over white background), but the plastic cover is matt, giving a different and elegant look.

Metallic finish

Metallic: We print directly on the metal. White colour from your design will be metallic on your custom product. Bright colours will appear duller. This finish works best with high-contrast designs, especially those with stark black motifs.

Gold finish

Golden: We print on a golden surface. The white colour in your design will be golden on your custom product. Bright colours will appear duller. It works best with high-contrast designs, especially those with stark black motifs.

Fluorescent finish

Fluorescent: We print on a luminescent layer. The white colour in your design will be shown in a slightly greenish tone that glows in the dark.

Neon finish

Neon (available in green, magenta and orange): We print on neon paper. The white colour in your design will be the selected neon colour. Recommended for black and neon designs.


Custom products deadlines

It is important that you take notice of our production and delivery times for Oval bottle openers with magnet. They start counting from the date when we receive the final art and the payment.

We will always try to tailor our delivery and production schedule to your needs, but sometimes that´s just not possible.

Your Oval bottle openers with magnet, in the best hands

custom products fabrication

Your designs are printed on latest technology high quality digital CMYK presses, shielded with plastic laminate so that they remain protected, and carefully cut so that they are well centred.

Your custom bottle openers are made with finest quality metallic materials. All orders are manually inspected after production to ensure a high standard. Our secret is... there are no secrets!