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Product list

Personalised pin buttons

The classic personalised button badges with a safety pin at the back, so you can put it in your jacket, shirt, t-shirt, bag, handbag... All our custom buttons with safety pin are completely metallic and made from first-class materials.

Personalised clip buttons

This type of custom badge button is especially designed to be used on your most highly-prized clothes: it won't damage them. This badge is also highly recommended for kids.

Personalised buttons with magnet for clothing

Personalised buttons with magnet are one of the hottest trends right now. Due to their double-component strong-grip magnet, it's possible to attach the buttons to clothing and accessories without piercing them. While you’re not wearing them you can attach the buttons to the fridge (or any metallic surface).


Personalised metallic magnets

The same finish of a classic button, but with a magnet on the back instead of the safety pin, so you can put it on your fridge or any metallic surface. Depending on the model, it comes with a rigid or a flexible magnet.

Personalised flexible magnets

Personalised flexible magnets are magnetic sheets with 0.7mm width, printed in full colour and laminated matte or glossy making them much more durable. They are cheaper than metallic fridge magnets. Click and start creating personalised flexible fridge magnets today!

Personalised domed magnets

Personalised domed magnets have the same base as laminated magnets, but with an external epoxy layer that gives them a thicker shape, more substance and greatly increased reliability. Click and start personalising domed magnets. This is a Premium Item!

Personalised vinyl stickers

Personalised vinyl stickers are high quality stickers for when you need your print to last long without damage. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions, and are therefore perfect for prolonged outdoor use.
Choose the shape of vinyl stickers (even pick a custom shape), and start creating your own customised stickers.

Personalised paper stickers

Personalised paper stickers are the most "common" kind of stickers, the ones you want if you don´t have any special durability requirements.

As the name suggests, these are self-adhesive paper, printed in full colour with the designs that you want (logos, photos, texts etc.) Unlike vinyl stickers they bear neither the rain nor the sun, but they are much cheaper! That's why they are perfect for those marketing actions in which you need your message to be seen in many places simultaneously, and therefore the most important thing is that they are affordable.

We have round, square and rectangular personalised paper stickers, in these two last cases with round or square ends. The cheapest paper stickers are square and rectangular with straight tips, because they don´t need die cutting.

Full-colour T-shirts (DTG)

If you are looking for personalised t-shirts online in full colour, this is your choice! At Qustommize you can design personalized t-shirts straight from our on-line creation tool and receive it at home in a few days printed in full colour.

We use advanced DTG (Direct to Garment) Kornit © printers over white or any other colour, getting a high-quality design without the limitations of other techniques. You will be able to design your own t-shirt with as many colours as you want as well as colour fades, transparency, photographs and delicate details.

Order your full colour personalised t-shirt with no minimum order, right now.

Screen printing t-shirts

If you are looking for affordable personalised t-shirts, you should choose screen printed t-shirts starting at 25 units.

We use flat inks for screen printing projects. You can create amazing t-shirts, but it requires attention to detail. We recommend you check our tips to make screen printed t-shirts.

Personalised mirrors

Personalised mirrors are a great present

Since the first human being was reflected in the water, we've managed to create mirrors to look at ourselves, though we may not always like what we see! Qustommize brings you a selection of personalised mirrors so you can always look gorgeous.

A great wedding gift for girls, easy to sell in shops, at fairs and markets if you customize them with that brilliant design that only you can do. Get custom personalised photo mirrors and surprise your friends and family!

Personalised bottle openers

Personalised Bottle Openers are a very useful item

How many times have you needed to open a bottle, but couldn’t find a bottle opener around? Forget breaking a cigarette lighter, or marking the coffee table! They are hardly good for your image and could even end badly! Give our personalised bottle openers to your friends, customers, neighbours and relatives. Let the party begin!

We recommend our personalised bottle openers as a gift in the hospitality industry and as a gift for weddings, music festivals and celebrations.

Personalised key rings

Where did I put that keys? On a personalised Qustommize key ring!

Those elusive keys won’t be lost anymore with these eye-catching promotional key chains. Squeeze your neurons and make your best design, so that your customers or friends carry your design or logo with them in their pockets. The number of people who see it will grow every day! First, your neighbourhood. Later, the nation. All due to our personalised key rings!

Personalised dome labels

Domed labels: personalised stickers with best finish

Personalised domed stickers (domes) are custom labels with a layer of polyurethane resin. This transparent resin gives the label a 3D lenticular effect (lens-shaped). They’re very powerful visually, attractive to the touch and resistant to scratches and adverse weather conditions. 

Our personalised dome labels are guaranteed for outdoor use, are used by the most demanding industrial sectors (appliances, automotive) and are a hot trend in the promotional gift market for customised products.

They give added value to your custom or handmade products. Dome labels are our premium stickers, and yours are sure to be the coolest thing around!

Personalised stamps

Qustommize´s personalised stamps are good, pretty and cheap!

We use the latest technology so that the only limit is your imagination as you create your own personalised stamps.
Make your stamp online using graphics, personal signatures, fonts, logotypes, photos and even grey scales. Unlike with common rubber stamps, with our personalised microporous stamps resolution is up to 600 dpi.
All our stamps are automatic. The foam is continuously inked and the process of making a stamp is easy, quick and clean. You can control the amount of ink and stamp documents without any effort. 
We have personalised stamps ready to stamp almost any surface that you can imagine… even golf balls!
Create company stamp, wedding stamps, a personal signature, mark your books, or even your works of art.

Personalised mugs

Personalised mugs are a trending product. You can create mugs with photos, mugs with sentences, mugs with names or with your favourite designs. People like them as a present not only because they are useful, but also to indulge by starting the day drinking from a mug with a very special meaning.

Personalised USB

Ever since personalised USB sticks started being used these are the gadgets everyone wants. They are useful daily and it doesn’t matter how many you have, it is always good to have one available.

Create custom personalised USB sticks with your company’s logo, the design of something you like or even your favourite photos.

All our personalised USB sticks are printed in full colour for a perfect finish!

Personalised lapel pins

Personalised lapel pins are an alternative to buttons that never goes out of style. Because of the way they are made, they are not usually produced in small batches, but at Qustommize we changed that rule!

Personalised Power banks

Our personalised Power Banks are external portable batteries that you can use to charge your mobile phone and other portable electronic devices with USB wire (included). Personalised and full colour printed with your picture or your chosen design. We can offer you lithium or lithium polymer Power Banks. The second ones are lighter, more stable and with a bigger charge capacity.

Our personalised Power Banks are great as promotional gift. They are always well received and valued and they are really useful, mostly of the time we run out of mobile phone battery before the end of the day, so it´s very convenient to have a Power Bank always handy.

They are also great as personalised present: Printed full colour, you can personalise you Power Bank easily with a picture.

Personalised Notebooks

Our personalised notebooks are a great gift. We love to write our ideas and thoughts and keep them handy. Cross your achieved goals in your to-do list, write a journal, draw sketches...

Our personalised notebooks works perfect as wedding or first communion details. Create personalised notebooks with a pictures or any design, there are not restrictions in your design as it is full colour printed.